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Elson Kambalu

Lilongwe, Malawi



マラウイの首都リロングウェでアートギャラリーLa Galleriaを経営し、200人以上のアーテイストに展示販売スペースを提供している。


Elson was born in Malawi in 1972 and studied for a Bachelor of Business Administration degree at University of Malawi, graduating in 1997.

He started painting on his own at the age of 24.  He is an artist as well as a successful business person. 


He owns a company called Art House Africa, and an art gallery, La Galleria, which caters as an exhibition space for more than 200 Malawian artists.

Elson is a conceptual artist who mainly does Abstract expressionism and installations. His activities have so far appeared on CNN, studio 53, the BBC, and in various media stations across the world. His gallery receives numerous visitors from around the world.


© Elson Kambalu



42 x 56cm MIXED MEDIA in FRAME


80 x 80cm OIL ON CANVAS



In our chewa culture  there is a cult called Gule Wamkulu..please google. This is where the physical and spiritual worlds meet. Its a form of religion that gives one power once they put on the masquarade. In Masko I am exploring  power dynamics in African society.

Masko, Acrylic on canvas, 80cm by 80cm.j
Elson_The Ascension.jpg


50 x 57cm OIL ON CANVAS in FRAME

アフリカ文化のウムントゥの概念を表している。 ひとは協力することで、偉大な力の段階へと上昇することができる。


t tackles the issue of applying the Umunthu principle in African cultures. The more we work together the higher we ascend into great echelons of power.


80 x 60cm OIL ON CANVAS



My themes are mostly to do with breaking away from the struggle or moving away from a low dark space to a higher ground with prospects of freedom, wealth and light.

Together 2.jpg


80 x 75cm OIL ON CANVAS

Women in the African sunset

67 x 43cm OIL ON CANVAS in FRAME



Women in African sunset looks at the issue of survival for women in African settings. Women are communal..are raised to always look out for others or work with others. They are not individualistic. Due to culture which promotes collective responsibility..and being together also safeguards them from poverty as well as mental health.

Women in the African sunset.jpg
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